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Jo Little: This tapering lark is a nightmare

Posted on 19 April 2017

This tapering lark is a nightmare! As far as I'm concerned, ‘tapering’ = body develops all sorts of niggles, paranoia sets in – any niggle could mean the end of the marathon journey and to top it all, I get a cold over the Easter weekend. I can’t remember the last time I even had a cold and this has been more than a sniffle. 

Week 1 of taper: I dropped from 4 to 3 training sessions a week, 90 minute long run – all fine. [extra line needs inserting here]
Week 2 of taper: Friends staying, hen night, all safely negotiated alcohol free! Couple of shorter runs, legs ok. All fine, until Good Friday, wake up not feeling great, decide not to run. Saturday and Sunday, DREADFUL, full of cold, even my back gave way on Sunday. 


So, I endured sleepless nights over the weekend worrying about the following: 1. I can’t breathe. 2. Worrying about not being able to sleep because I can’t breathe. 3. Worrying about not being able to run. 4. Worrying about what I talk to Chris Evans about if I should bump into him while running the marathon (seriously, I worried about that!). 5. Do I need to carry a spare pair of socks? And so on.... 

The most worrying thing was that I actually didn’t want to run, the prospect of a jog around the block let alone 26.2 miles was a NIGHTMARE and as for carb loading, really couldn’t face it.
However, today I’m feeling much better – I can even breathe through my nose again, phew! I’m pumping myself with extra vitamins and have even had the strength to suggest to my two sons that they get off the Xbox!! I’ve also enjoyed a peaceful couple of hours of pampering at my favourite beauty salon – bliss! I think I might now make it to the start line on Sunday! 

The plan is to head up to London on Friday, to pick up my race number from the Marathon Expo, kids in tow (that in itself is a challenge – my teenage daughter can’t believe she has to miss her best friend's party – arranged a week ago – the conversation along the lines of ‘the marathon has been booked for a while, you know how much training mum has been doing, weekend in London, how lucky, etc etc’, seemed to be inadequate!!) and we enjoy some time in London and I try to relax?

Wednesday I will test the legs with a short ‘jog’ around the block (I can’t get any fitter at this stage, mustn’t do too much, but not too little, aaaagh – I can’t read any more so called ‘helpful’ advice), a pre race sports massage and then keep everything crossed for Sunday.....


Jo Little: This tapering lark is a nightmare

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