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Team Fitique: Road to Blenheim

Posted on 28 January 2017

I have finally found the time to sit down and write my new triathlon blog.

Rebecca, my fellow team fitiquer, and I were having a catch up a few weeks ago and talked about the hectic festive period we endured and how we both needed to get our butts back into gear.

“I’m not telling many people” she said, “I’ll tell you as its you” she said “I have entered myself into this years Blenheim Triathlon”. Instantly I beamed with delight and said I will do it too. Both of us caught up in the excitement forgot we were meant to be putting new stock out in the store and started looking for my bank card and the registration portal online.

“Sorry Bec’s, the world knows now!”

As luck would have it the Saturday slots had all sold out so she would have to fly solo but I decided to sign myself up to the Sunday race anyway.

This will be my second ever triathlon so it’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. If you have read my previous blog you will know that I kept the training for my first a secret and only told my boyfriend the morning of the event. This time I will be writing all about my training in the lead up to race day in June and how I feel about having people there to cheer me on.

The three disciplines don’t really worry me as much as the thought of my boyfriend, brother or friends seeing me flap about in the water or snail pace it on the run. This is what makes me nervous; making myself look silly and ultimately the thought of letting people down.

The previous swim length was 400metres, enough for someone who has never really spent any time in a pool. Blenheim will be 750 metres so I will need to definitely up the swim training. I have an allergy to chlorine so I will be spending more time in the shower scrubbing my skin than actually in the slow lane. I started to nail my stroke pattern last year but my breathing technique is my achilles heel. I have invested in a powerbreather (its genius) so I should be able to have one swim concentrating on my stroke pattern and then another swim dedicated to my breathing teachnique…. Over time the plan will be for these to marry up. Luckily I was gifted a new TomTom watch by Santa so I can track all three disciplines and “hopefully” notice improvement.

I haven’t touched my bike since October. Work got super busy and I found it harder and harder to get out for a ride. I also had a wedding to go too so I needed to up the running miles so my “well padded” bottom would slim down slightly and fit into the dress I wanted to wear. Cycling has really been my saviour since my knee operation 6 years ago and I enjoy nothing more than spending most of my Sunday with Orville (my bike). Once it warms up a little I will man up and get back out here. I must say I have enjoyed my lazy Sundays and little expeditions I have been able to go on with my boyfriend whilst Orville has been benched.

My run mileage is currently at 8 miles a week which isn’t a lot but its all I can currently fit in. Two runs a week including my current drill sergeant role every Thursday at the Fitique Run Club. This is my favourite training session as it is so motivating to go out with the group. Also it is great that a few of us have things we are training for so a real incentive to come to club night and catch up on everyone’s progress.

I will also carry on my weekly power yoga and HIIT sessions as I have finally realised in order to keep my body up to the challenge of tri training I need to sustain my core strength.

Fingers crossed my next blog will include a ride with Orville and a drowning free session in the pool.

V xx

Team Fitique: Road to Blenheim

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