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  • Fitness Hula Hoop

Fitness Hula Hoop

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Hula hooping can be an enjoyable exercise with many benefits. If you get bored easily at the gym, change up your regular workout routine by incorporating some hula hooping. It's also an ideal low-impact cardiovascular exercise if you have joint pain. It has evolved into an effective exercise that today is a staple of many fitness programs. One of its biggest draws is its potential to help you lose weight.

Hula hooping engages your core and midsection continuously, which can help tone the muscles around your waist. The repetitive back-and-forth swinging motion burns a significant amount of calories. Hula hooping for at least 10 minutes on a regular basis, coupled with a balanced and nutritious diet, can help you lose weight in the long-term. However, you shouldn't rely on hula hooping alone in your goal to lose weight around the waist. Other abdominal and oblique exercises are also effective for toning muscles and slimming down.


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